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Poster: deadpolitics Date: Mar 2, 2010 10:31am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Another Anti-Taping Story!

Thank for the in-depth historical analysis!

It makes sense that in the early days they were still stuck in the record industry mentality. They were not yet playing huge venues and the financial success of Workingman's Dead and American Beauty and most importantly Live/Dead affirmed the attitude that they should control everything they put out because it was profitable. Live/Dead especially because it was a live recording that sold well.

I bet that circulation of poor quality recordings may have also been a concern at some point. Could circulation of shitty recordings be detrimental to popularity and wide-spread acceptance? Although a lot of people here appreciate audience recordings, when I play them for casual listeners they tend to get annoyed.

After the hiatus they returned as a lean touring machine, leaving the financial burden of the Wall of Sound behind. As you said, the tapers were out in full force and they were no longer able to stop them. They also realized that the audience recordings were most definitely not hurting the band financially, as they continued to bring in lots of money from ticket sales.

Aha! The realization: fans do more promoting for the band than they could ever do themselves!

It only took them 10 years to come around to this point of view, even with irregularities such as Bob Weir's comments on 8/6.

BUT more importantly than taping policy is DEDICATION to excellence. This policy would not have worked if the produce they delivered night after night was not consistently a magical, dynamic, and emotionally uplifting experience. It would not have worked without their dedication to high fidelity sound reproduction in their PAs.

It shows that if you are truly committed to your work, then there is no ego-trip about people judging you based on constant analysis of your performance. There is nothing to be scared of if you believe in yourself.